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Prevent Periodontal Disease to Protect Your Health

Oral health is one of the most important things a person can have. It not only translates to fresh breath and glistening teeth, but also contributes to overall health and wellness. Advances in science and dental research have uncovered benefits of maintaining an oral health routine that transcend cosmetic results and translate into a type of dental protection that you cannot buy.

Maintaining and oral health routine is one of the most healthy things you can do for yourself. While it may not seem possible, by taking four minutes out of your day to brush and floss in the morning and at night you are doing your part to help prevent a myriad of disease and chronic conditions from developing. More and more research is being conducted that connects oral health to the rest of the body. This research is beginning to prove that the bacteria that resides in your mouth can affect your entire body for better and worse. Also, that by preventing this bacteria from becoming a problem with a beneficial oral health routine you can improve your overall health.

In The News

Most recently a study published in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society found that elderly people who had lost many teeth had an increased risk of both mental and physical disabilities. The study interviewed 60,000 Japanese people over the age of 65 with questions about their health. They were asked how many teeth they had, about their medical and psychological history, lifestyle choices, and how they were able to complete their daily tasks. They found a strong correlation between those who had many missing teeth and those who had a difficult time functioning for someone of that age. Those with less teeth reported falling more, having difficulties completing their tasks, and multiple mental and physical issues.

This news is extremely interesting, however it also fits into the narrative we’ve been seeing: poor oral health is linked with decreased overall health and chronic disorders. Earlier this year periodontitis was linked with an increased  mortality rate among those with kidney disease. And, the link has been made between harmful bacteria that resides in mouth being found in the brains of patients with Alzheimer’s. It has also been studied that periodontal disease is linked to an increased risk for cardiovascular disease. Learning that poor oral health can lead to such diseases and their devastating outcomes certainly inspires us at Artistic Touch Dentistry to encourage our patients to pick up their toothbrushes.

The Best Dental Protection Is The Prevention You Provide

The diseases linked with periodontal disease and poor oral health are devastating for families. While there is certainly no cause and effect relationship between periodontal disease and Alzheimer’s, or kidney and heart disease, the link provides enough evidence to say that preventing periodontal disease should be a high priority for everyone. Periodontal disease is classified as low-grade inflammation. Over time this inflammation caused by harmful bacteria can cause tooth and bone loss. It can also weaken the immune system making it difficult to fight off other infections. Thankfully preventing periodontal disease is as easy as brushing twice a day for two minutes, flossing correctly, and making a bi-annual trip to your Melbourne, FL dentist’s office for a checkup and cleaning.

Every time you brush your teeth you are removing bacteria and the sugars they feed on. The removal of this harmful bacteria reduces the bacteria’s ability to collect and harden into plaque and begin the erosion of tooth enamel that can lead to dental caries. Removing this bacteria also protects your gums. The soft, mucosal tissue of your gums is highly susceptible to the onslaught of bacterial infection. Every day when you remove this bacteria you allow your immune system to recharge and fight other bacterial or viral infections and keep your body healthy.

Keeping up with a beneficial oral health routine is the best thing you can do to ensure a healthy future for your mouth and body. If you have any questions on how to create the most beneficial oral health routine ask Dr. Brazdo at your next appointment. She will be able to give you tips on keeping your mouth free of harmful bacteria and let you know how your current routine is treating you.