Is It Time to Update Your Oral Health Routine?

Is It Time to Update Your Oral Health Routine?

As an adult you’ve been brushing your teeth for a few decades now, but do you know if it’s time to update your oral routine? The habit of brushing your teeth is one of the most beneficial habits a person can have. However, because it’s a habit you started when you were very young, it’s not uncommon for an oral health routine to fall short of entirely beneficial. Knowing when it’s time to update your oral health routine can reveal itself in many ways. Understand the signs so you can be prepared when to update your oral health routine.

Puffy, Bleeding Gums

If you are experiencing puffy gums, it’s extremely important to update your dental routine. Puffy, red gums are a sign of gum disease. Gum disease is extremely serious, but can be reversed if caught in the early stages. If you notice puffy or bleeding gums your first move should be to give your Melbourne, Florida dentist a call. Dr. Brazdo can asses how much of a threat these puffy gums are to you and your oral health. If this is only a recent development an updated flossing regimen followed by an antiseptic mouthwash may be just what it takes to rid your gums of harmful S. mutans bacteria that can lead to the development of periodontal disease.

Tooth Sensitivity

Tooth sensitivity is another indicator that your oral health routine could use an update. Tooth sensitivity has many causes, and as such should be discussed with your dentist. This condition is caused when the enamel of the tooth is worn away exposing the nerves. This can happen when you brush too hard, when you crack or chip a tooth, or if you are developing a cavity. When you see your dentist she will be able to pinpoint the cause of your discomfort. If it’s a cavity or damaged tooth, she can repair it with many treatment options. If you need to update your brushing routine with a gentle touch or a more through motion, she can show you how to successfully do that as well.

Updating Your Oral Health Routine

Discovering the cause of your dental distress is just the beginning. Once you understand the cause, you can see where improvements can be made. While you may think you know how to brush your teeth, you may not be doing it as efficiently as possible. When updating your oral health routine, start with the basics.


One thing that many patients overlook is the importance of using a proper toothbrush. Toothbrushes need to be replaced every three months to ensure that they are working at the peak of their ability. The bristles of a toothbrush are designed to be microscopically fractured and fragmented in order to disrupt and remove as much bacteria as possible. Over three months the bristles become smooth and their cleaning power is diminished. Floss is another tool that many patients don’t think about when updating their routine. Viewing flossing as a cumbersome waste of time they ditch the floss all together. This is dangerous because floss is your first and most important tool in preventing periodontal disease. If you find it difficult to floss with traditional floss, look into updated flossing technology. Flossers equipped with toothbrush-like handles are widely available and make flossing much easier for many people.


Oral health stems from proper technique. If you’re not brushing correctly, or for a two minutes twice daily, you are leaving behind millions of microbes that have the potential to cause dental decay, enamel erosion, and gum disease. Whether you have a manual or electric toothbrush remember to brush all the surfaces of the tooth, pay attention to your gumline and make sure you are covering as much surface area as possible. When you floss it is extremely important that you glide the floss around as much of the tooth as you can, this means up and around the tooth under the gum line – don’t hurt yourself, but make sure you’re getting as high on the neck of the tooth as possible. This will remove developing plaque and enable you to prevent periodontal disease and tooth decay.

Talk To Your Dentist

If you feel like your oral health routine could use an update, schedule an appointment with Dr. Brazdo today. Nothing makes her happier than patients taking their oral health into their own hands. She would be happy to remind you the best, most beneficial, techniques to brush and floss your pearly whites, so that you can leave the office with a smile you can flash with confidence for a lifetime.