Choosing the right toothbrush for your mouth and lifestyle.

What Kind of Toothbrush Should I Use?

Are you confused as to which type of toothbrush is right for you? Manual and electric toothbrushes have their own distinct advantages and disadvantages. The choice is often one of personal preference. However, they both remove plaque and food particles from the mouth and can help prevent tooth decay and gum disease. 

Manual Toothbrushes

Manual toothbrushes are the go-to choice for many individuals, from children to senior citizens. They are incredibly affordable and are extremely versatile. A manual toothbrush can be used to clean the gums, teeth, tongue, and the insides of the cheeks. They also don’t require batteries or chargers, and can easily be packed in a purse, briefcase or suitcase for trips. They can be purchased with various styles of heads and bristles, and many now come with tongue cleaners on the back side, as well as rubber gum massagers.

Using a manual toothbrush correctly involves moving the toothbrush in circles over the surface of the tooth, as well as side-to-side while angling it correctly. You’ll also want to make sure your manual toothbrush has a long enough handle so that you can easily reach your back teeth and tongue.

Pros of Manual Toothbrushes

  • Available with a variety of brush heads and bristle styles
  • Can be easily packed and taken anywhere
  • Can brush every surface of the inside of the mouth
  • Incredibly affordable and travel-friendly

Cons of Manual Toothbrushes

  • Good brushing technique is essential
  • May not be good for individuals with dexterity issues in their hands
  • An external timer is needed to ensure two to three minutes of brushing

Electric Toothbrushes

Electric toothbrushes provide some advantages over manual toothbrushes. The rotating and vibrating heads help remove more plaque from the teeth and can aid in removing stains from the surfaces of the teeth. If you have trouble angling a manual toothbrush while brushing your teeth, an electric toothbrush may be a good choice for you.

Electric toothbrushes tend to cost more than their manual counterparts, but individuals can choose from disposable and non-disposable versions. If a non-disposable version is chosen, the head of the toothbrush must be changed regularly. Colgate recommends changing the brush head at the first sign of wear, or every three months. Most electric toothbrushes today have rechargeable batteries and a charging base, which are a necessity to get the most out of your brushing experience.

Pros of Electric Toothbrushes

  • The rotating and vibrating heads make brushing easier
  • Many electric toothbrushes come with built-in timers
  • Great for individuals with dexterity issues in their hands
  • Removes more plaque from the teeth
  • May help prevent staining

Cons of Electric Toothbrushes

  • May need recharge or fresh batteries
  • Not recommended for brushing the tongue or cheeks
  • Not as travel-friendly and often bulky to carry around
  • Slightly more expensive than a manual toothbrush

Choosing the Right Toothbrush

When it comes to getting all the plaque and food particles off your teeth, your toothbrush is the first line of defense. Whether you choose an electric or manual toothbrush will depend on your needs. For example, if you have trouble brushing your teeth and angling the toothbrush, you may want to choose an electric toothbrush. If you want a toothbrush that can brush your teeth, gums, tongue and the insides of your cheeks, you may do better with a manual toothbrush.

However, no matter which type of toothbrush you choose, you should always make sure it has the ADA seal of approval. The ADA only puts its seal of approval on products that are high-quality and perform as expected. You will also want to choose a toothbrush with soft to medium bristles in order to reduce the risk of brushing too hard and injuring the gums.

If you are having difficulty choosing the best toothbrush for your needs, our dentist at Artistic Touch Dentistry can help by recommending a few good toothbrush brands and styles at your next checkup.

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