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Teeth Breaking? Common Ways to Break Teeth and Avoid a Broken Tooth

Don’t let the small size and shape of your teeth trick you into thinking they are fragile and weak. Teeth are actually extremely strong. In fact, they are the strongest part of your body. Even stronger than your bones!

While teeth are strong, they aren’t indestructible. They can still crack, chip, and fall apart. Learning more about what causes teeth to break or crack help you possibly avoid experiencing the pain and sensitivity that comes along with a broken or cracked tooth.

Playing a Sport- Breaks and Chipped Teeth

Sports-related dental injuries are extremely common. Whether you are taking part in a full-contact sport like football, rugby, or soccer, or playing a non-contact sport like tennis or golf, you are extremely susceptible to fracturing a tooth. Luckily, sports-related dental injuries are easy to prevent.

Wearing a mouthguard can dramatically reduce your risk of experiencing a sports-related dental injury. The mouthguard will protect your teeth by absorbing the impact of a direct hit to your mouth.

While one-size-fits-all mouthguards can be found at your local sporting goods store, it is actually recommended that you work with your dentist to get a custom-made mouthguard. A custom-made mouthguard is not only more comfortable, but it provides better oral care and protection as it is molded to protect your teeth and jaw.

Grinding Your Teeth While Sleeping or Clenching Your Jaw During the Day makes Teeth Brittle

Grinding your teeth or clenching your jaw can put so much pressure on your teeth that they start to weaken. Over time, the weakened teeth will start to chip, crack and break.

If you notice you are grinding your teeth or clenching your jaw, it is important that you take the time to determine what is causing this to happen. Certain medications, exposure to stress, development of a nervous habit, and improper alignment of teeth are just some of the causes of teeth grinding and jaw clenching. Determining the cause of your teeth grinding and jaw clenching can help you find a way to stop it from happening before your teeth start to become brittle and break.

Wearing a customized nightguard while you sleep can help prevent any grinding or clenching from causing the enamel on your teeth to erode and weaken. The length of time that you need to wear the nightguard will depend upon the reason for your grinding and clenching of your teeth. Some people only need to wear it for a short period of time until the grinding and clenching stops while others may need to wear it nightguard long-term.

Untreated Tooth Decay and Poor Dental Hygiene can Cause Us to have Broken and Chipped Teeth

Failure to treat tooth decay in a timely manner can lead to cracked or broken teeth. Teeth crack or break as a result of untreated tooth decay because the strong enamel that surrounds the tooth is worn away and weakened. When slight pressure is applied to the already weakened teeth, they can easily break or crack.

Scheduling regular checkups with your dentist can help you prevent tooth decay from weakening your teeth. Regular checkups typically include a professional cleaning which can remove plaque that, if left untreated, can turn into severe tooth decay.

In addition to a professional cleaning, your regular checkup often includes a visual examination. During the visual examination, your dentist will look for any visible signs of tooth decay. If any health problems are spotted, your dentist will recommend treatment options that will prevent the spread of tooth decay and cause your teeth to further weaken.

Other Causes of Cracked or Broken Teeth

Other common causes of cracked and broken teeth include:

  • Old dental work such as amalgam fillings that leak and weaken your teeth
  • Injuries or accidents
  • Age
  • Tongue or lip piercings that can knock or bump into the teeth causing cracks or breaks
  • Eating hard or extremely sticky food
  • Using your teeth to rip or tear into objects

Do you want to prevent your teeth from cracking or breaking? Schedule an appointment with Artistic Touch Dentistry your Melbourne Florida dentist. Our dentists offer a variety of services ranging from customized mouthguard creation to routine cleanings and general exams that can help prevent your teeth from cracking or breaking. Call our office today to schedule an appointment.