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Melbourne Florida Dentist Explains How to Fix a Cavity

Cavities are something that every dentist knows how to fix without issue. If you’re looking for a Melbourne Florida dentist because you’ve got a cavity, let’s show you exactly why you’ve nothing to worry about by showing you how we fix a cavity.

What Is a Dental Cavity? 

A cavity is a hole left after bacteria has destroyed part of a tooth. The cavity itself will contain the bacteria, and if this cavity is not treated, the bacteria could spread further, leading to damage to the tooth. Therefore, if you are looking for a dentist in Melbourne Florida to fix this right away, you’ve come to the right place. 

What Is the Procedure? 

Toothache causes sensitivity as the bacteria progresses deeper into the tooth. If left untreated, the structure may be compromised as the nerves of the tooth are exposed. Therefore, any Melbourne, Fl dentist needs to remove the decay as a priority to prevent any further damage. The procedure involves the dentist removing the decay, usually with an instrument like a drill. Afterward, the dentist places a filling into the cavity of the tooth, which is done through the following methods:

Injecting local anesthetic to numb the area around the decayed tooth. The anesthetic will also work to numb the jaw and the gums, ensuring that you do not feel anything. 

Once the anesthetic has taken effect, the dentist will remove the decay from the affected tooth or teeth. 

Once this is done, the dentist will prepare the tooth for a filling. We use composite fillings as they color match to blend in with your natural teeth, and fix very well to tooth enamel. 

What Happens After the Cavity?

You may notice that the tooth is slightly more sensitive. Composite fillings set right away, which means that you can use that side of your mouth as soon as you’re comfortable. While your tooth may feel sensitive, this will tend to disappear within a week or two. It’s recommended that you try to avoid any extremely hot and cold food or drinks. As soon as you leave the dentist’s office, your mouth will be numb, but after a few hours, as the anesthetic wears off (between 2 and 4 hours) you’ve got to be careful not to bite the inside of your mouth. 

The best practice is to not eat until you leave until you have a feeling in your mouth. When the feeling starts to return, there may be a slight ache in your jaw or gums. You need to chew very carefully on the side of your mouth where you have received the cavity. When the numbness wears off, make sure you check your bite to see if it is comfortable.

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If you have any issue with regards to fixing a cavity, you can get in contact with Artistic Touch Dentistry today. As you can see, the process is straight-forward, and if you are looking for a Melbourne Florida dentist to provide a quick and timely fix of any cavity, we are ready for you!