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Best Flossing Products – 4 Tips for Easy Flossing

Do you have difficulty flossing or remembering to floss each day? If you do, you’re not alone. Many individuals do not floss daily or at all, due to the time and effort it takes to string the floss between every tooth and move it up and down to loosen plaque and food particles. However, our dentist has put together a few tips and tricks to help choose flossing products that can make flossing easier and more convenient for you.

1. Choose the Best Floss for You

There are many different types of products for flossing on the market. If you find one product to be tedious or too hard to use, try another one until you find the top flossing products that work for you. If you are having difficulty finding the right type of floss or flossing tool for your particular needs, our dentist can help you choose a product and demonstrate the proper flossing technique.

Here’s a list of products for Teeth flossing you want to consider:

  • Unwaxed Floss – Unwaxed floss works well if you have no problems getting the floss between your teeth and removing the floss from your teeth. It is also slightly thinner than unwaxed floss.
  • Waxed Floss – Most people choose waxed floss because it is easier to get between the teeth and move up and down to loosen and remove plaque and food particles.
  • Floss Tape – Floss tape is a wider type of floss that is great for individuals who have gaps between their teeth. This type of floss can be purchased waxed or unwaxed, depending on your preferences.
  • Floss Picks – Floss picks contain a handle with a small amount of floss threaded between two prongs. This type of floss is ideal for reaching the back teeth and for individuals who have trouble getting the floss between their teeth.
  • Floss Threader – Floss threaders are ideal for individuals who have braces, bridges or other dental appliances that can make flossing with standard floss difficult.

2. Choose the Right Time of Day 

When it comes to flossing your teeth, choosing flossing products is the first step, precision and thoroughness also matters. If you are someone who rushes through your mornings after waking up late or hitting the snooze button too many times, you may not want to take the time to floss your teeth. In this instance, flossing in the evening or before bed may work better for you. Likewise, if you wake up full of energy and alert, you may want to floss before or after your morning shower. You can also change up the time of day when you floss, but always remember to floss at least once every 24 hours.

3. Use Mouthwash or Brush After Flossing Teeth

Flossing shouldn’t be the last thing you do during your oral hygiene routine. This is because the floss may not remove all the plaque and food particles in your mouth by itself. Instead, you’ll want to either brush your teeth after you floss or use an ADA approved mouthwash. Your exact routine will depend on how you perform your oral hygiene if you brush then floss, you’ll want to use mouthwash after flossing. If you floss first, you can brush your teeth then use mouthwash in order to rinse all paste and remaining food particle and plaque from your mouth.

4. Don’t Stress Minor Gum and Teeth Soreness

You probably know that bleeding, sore gums are a sign of gingivitis and periodontal disease. However, if you’ve recently adding flossing to your daily routine, you may experience some minor bleeding and soreness after you floss. This is normal. However, if you’ve been flossing daily for a few weeks and are still experiencing gum soreness and bleeding, it’s time to schedule an appointment with our West Melbourne dentist for an examination to determine why your gums are sore and bleeding. If our dentist does find a problem, a treatment plan will be developed. If it’s simply your flossing technique, our dentist will demonstrate the proper way to floss your teeth. And even if you have questions about the flossing products to use let us know.

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