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4 Foods to Avoid to Maintain Whitening Treatment

Professional teeth whitening treatments aren't designed to keep your teeth bright and white forever. However, by avoiding or limiting consumption of certain foods and drinks you may be able to prolong how long your teeth stay white. To help you keep your smile bright and white as long as possible, we have created a list of four foods and drinks that most responsible for dulling the whitening effect of your professional teeth whitening treatment. Brightly Colored Fruits Snacking on fruits throughout the day is supposed to be healthy and it is, but it is the worst thing you could do if you want...
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How to Protect Your Teeth Against Coffee Stains

You love your coffee, but you probably don’t love the staining that comes with drinking it. There’s probably no way you can give up your morning cuppa joe, and who really wants to? The good news – you can take a few measures to protect teeth from coffee stains without giving up your morning pick-me-up. First, you may be wondering why coffee causes stains. The enamel of your teeth, that hard outer coating, actually has microscopic gaps in it. If drink particles, such as those from your coffee, get stuck in the gaps, it causes an extrinsic stain, which leads to the...
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How to Choose Your Tooth Whitening Solution

If your teeth are looking darker or more discolored than they used to be, you might be interested in trying a teeth whitening solution. There are so many different options on the market today that it can be quite challenging to make your decision -- where do you even start? It might actually be simpler than you think. To help you better understand your options in teeth whitening solutions, we've divided the options into two general categories: the over the counter ones and the ones available only from your dentist. Here's what you should know about both.

The Over the Counter Teeth Whitening Solutions

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Types of Tooth Whitening for Your Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is almost here, and if you have something special planned with your Valentine, you’ll want to look your very best. If your teeth are looking a bit dull and yellowed, you may want to consider tooth whitening before the big day. After all, you don’t want to spend Valentine’s Day hiding your smile because you’re self-conscious about your teeth. Unfortunately, many different things can result in stained teeth. Simply growing older is enough to result in a dingy smile, since teeth tend to darken as you age. Your eating habits can contribute to staining as well. Regularly consuming colas, coffee, teas,...
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The Best Reasons to Get Your Teeth Whitened

Teeth whitening happens to be the most popular cosmetic service provided by dentists today. You no longer have to go through life with stained, yellow teeth that make you cringe when you look at photos. Have you talked to your dentist about a whitening treatment? If not, here’s a look at some of the best reasons to go ahead and have your teeth whitened.

Reason #1 – Remove Stains on Teeth

The most obvious reason to have in-office whitening done is to remove stains from your teeth. Over time, stains build up on teeth from drinking wine, sodas, coffees, and...
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