how do dentists fix oral tooth decay

How Do Melbourne Florida Dentists Fix Tooth Decay

Tooth decay is one of the most common dental problems people experience, and it can often lead to other dental health problems as well. It’s certainly not a problem that should be ignored if you think you’re experiencing it. Here in Melbourne Florida, there are professionals who can help fix your tooth decay and get your dental health back on the right track. We’re going to talk about that more and how those fixes are carried out below, so keep reading to find out more.

What is Tooth Decay

Tooth decay is a relatively common problem and can progress through various different stages. Of course, the problem is easier to fix and treat by your dentist when it’s found early. It usually occurs when acid is released from a buildup of plaque, resulting in decay to the structure of the tooth.

When the plaque builds up, it can also make gum diseases and abscesses more common too. That’s why taking steps to avoid plague and to have the problem treated and fixed at the earliest opportunity should always be a priority.

The Symptoms to Be Aware Of

The key symptoms of tooth decay to be aware of are toothaches, which may be constant or arrive in the form of sporadic sharp pains. Many people also experience tooth sensitivity when drinking or eating foods, especially if they’re very cold or very hot. Others experience bad breath, a nasty taste in the mouth, and brown or black spots emerging on the surface of the teeth.

How Do Melbourne Florida Dentists Treat It?

When tooth decay is caught in its early stages, your dentist can give you advice on how to reduce unhealthy foods and sugars in your diet, as well as using fluoride gel to combat the acid and plaque. But if the tooth decay spreads to the pulp of the tooth, it may need to be removed via a root canal treatment. And in severe cases where the tooth is damaged by decay beyond repair, the tooth might need to be removed entirely.

Preventing Tooth Decay Damage

Preventing tooth decay is even more important than fixing it. Prevention is always better than cure. Attending regular dental visits and dental cleaning sessions is important, as is cutting down on surgery foods, smoking, and drinking alcohol. Cleaning your teeth and gums with fluoride toothpaste twice a day is essential too.

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